EX TENNIS Foundation Scholarships

Removing All Financial Limitations From Tennis

To date, EX has donated over $5 million dollars to youth tennis players and their families. This financial aid has helped with several needs, including:

-Tennis training
-Fitness conditioning
-Tournament entries
-Club Memberships
-Mental Coaching
-College counseling

The EX Tennis Foundation is committed to its mission to “remove all financial limitation from the sport of tennis.”

Currently, 52% of our players have some type of financial assistance. Please apply for one of our scholarship training grants listed below. 

Need based Financial Grant - Offered each EX Training Year (August to June). Offered to any player based on financial need. W2's must be submitted with application. Rolling Application Deadline.

Diversity and Inclusion Grant - Financial assistance for athletes of ethnic and diverse backgrounds. We feel that it is important for us to actively encourage and promote Diversity and Inclusion in the sport of tennis.

Student Teacher Grant - Financial assistance given to students who are willing to teach some of our younger classes.

Excellence Grant - Very few grants are given in this category. These are typically best for players over 10 years old who have achieved a top 20 Midwest ranking or higher.

Wheelchair Program Grant - The Wheelchair Grant is for players who are asking for financial assistance for our wheelchair program or tournament.

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